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Mid Summer Post

To go back to where we left off. We made it back from Lake Eustis last winter and on to Mid-Winters. Mid-Winters in Sarasota is like sailing in the tropics. It’s winter, so it’s not too hot and the water is blue. We raise our boards to sail over the sand bar to and from […]

Maiden Voyage

Florida remains one of our hottest markets, pun intended. The Double Deck Trailer made her maiden voyage in mid February. Two new boats were delivered. Everyone was happy with their new boat, and Tyler got to sail one of the old boats that the factory is taking in on trade. He did not have time […]

The Tea Party

Thanks to Boston Sails for donating this tea party trophy, probably back in 1960. Carrie and I won it last year and Bill and I won it this year, despite our best efforts. We were winning the regatta several times in the last race. Let me start from the beginning. Leaving home was bitter sweet […]

Sailing at Different Venues

We are blessed in many ways with our job and one of the greatest blessings we have is to meet the wonderful people all over the country who sail Flying Scots.  I recently had the pleasure of delivering a new Flying Scot to a wonderful couple – Steve and Barb Kramer and I would like […]


I am going to make this quick, because I want to check our website stats before leaving for the weekend. I’m interested to see if anybody even reads these blogs. Obviously they do, thank you very much. Mid Winters was a great time. It left me wanting more, and I think that all of the […]

What to Expect at Mid Winters

We can't wait for mid-winters We’ll be going from this. To This You can come to. What to expect at mid-winters Mid-Winters is going to be different for all who attend. People will have different priorities. Some will be there for the sailing, some for the social and others for the work out. Actually, […]

Trying to Blog

Our good friend Deb Aronson is inspiring us to write more blog posts. Please find her blog at, it will always be better than ours, as she writes more posts and she is an attributed author. Mean while I keep meaning to ask her how to properly use a semi colon. Do they actually […]