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We have closer to 200 years of sailing knowledge in this building. While we hate to give unsolicited advice, you don’t have to read it. We write blogs on general topics, day sailing topics and racing topics here.

The Sailing Vocabulary that you need the most.

As I talk to new sailors, instructing them on how to use their new boats, or future new boats. I get one comment repeatedly… “I don’t know the vocabulary.” Some people feel that’s important. I for one, being self-taught, did not know sailing vocabulary for many years after learning to sail. Let alone the racing […]

How to Improve Your Sailing

Whether you’re racing or daysailing, sailing is a sport in the sense that it’s a skill in which you’re only aiming to improve. That’s part of the fun that’s often overlooked. When I first got into sailing, I did not know about racing, but I wanted to improve my boating skills. Sailing was clearly a […]

The Most Bang For Your buck

Again, I’m not one for giving unsolicited advice, but you don’t have to read this. I’m just trying to add value to our website. If you asked me what one thing can be done to best improve my results sailing I would tell you stretching. Stretching before sailing not only prevents injuries, but it gets […]

All About Tillers

Whether you day sail or race there’s a good possibility that your tiller won’t last forever. Unless you bought your boat new and listened to us when we told you to keep it on the bow bag, and resting on the centerboard drum off the floor in the bow. As well as keep Vaseline on […]

Sailboat in Waves

The Calm Before the Storm

Two posts in two days. This is a new record. However, I’ve been hit with a premonition that must be shared. We have not been able to get many videos done this year. The drone quit working and the cameras are out dated. Furthermore, a good production takes time, planning and good weather. Twice this […]