Dee’s Retirement Party

Friday, March 31st was a sad day for us and a happy day for Dee as we wished her well in retirement with an afternoon party.  As much as we would have loved to invite all of our customers to Dee’s retirement party, we would have had people flying in from all over, and we packed the Cornish Manor as it was.Dee's Retirement Party  Dee’s last week here at FSI was filled with phone calls, cards, and emails wishing her a happy retirement. If she ever doubted that she made a difference in her career those doubts can now be firmly put to bed. She will make guest appearances occasionally when we are out of town. Dee Burns

Perhaps a nice addition to this blog will be Dee stories – stories of her overwhelmingly impressive customer service.

I know I was impressed when Karen was not in town to gather the title for a boat and trailer that had to go out the door. I did not know what I was going to do, when I heard Dee call from the other room, “I can do it!”  There was nothing Dee could not do while simultaneously getting pulled in a 100 different directions by 100 different things on her to do list every day. I guess her customers didn’t even know that while she was answering their phone call with a smile she was also ordering, shipping, and doing whatever else needed to get done on the back end. This was especially impressive during busy season while the rest of us were traveling.

Please feel free to share your Dee stories below!

New Website First Post

I am going to make this short, but perhaps entertaining. We have some very smart individuals here at Flying Scot, namely Carrie, she’s the best writer that I know. I however, am just building this website and want to test the blog function and see how posts will look naturally. However, please take away that Carrie will be writing most of our blogs for us, and the girl can write. I am just happy that I spelled write right.

Anyway, Another thing that I do want to mention is some about our content. Carrie, Karen, Harry and I all travel the states with these boats. Many of our friends do as well. It is truly a fun and adventurous life style that any are welcome to partake in. personally, my favorite part is the people that we meet at Flying Scot Sailing Events. They are consistently the most humble and down to earth people. The class welcomes sailors of all types and of any skill level. So whether you are working your way up the ranks on the race course, or the life of the party. Check it out!

I digress, back the content, we are going to be posting about our sailing experiences. We will post about what we learn while racing regattas. Giving you some helpful hints along the way, and occasionally writing about the epic adventures that this sport takes all of us on

Sailing Upwind

Oh what a wonderful feeling

. Carrie and I are going to be parents soon, so that should provide for plenty of material.