From South to North with Annapolis next

Do you realize the wealth of adventure that Flying Scot sailing has to offer. I realize this as I travel through Northern Michigan, enjoying the fall color and vistas overlooking the lake, only a week after lobster diving in Miami, before the Miami regatta.

The Miami regatta was a blast, with big winds, and plenty of excitement for the new team of Joe and Joseph, with me on board to demonstrate their new boat. We managed third. So not only does the Flying Scot class offer a wealth of great venues, but it welcomes novice sailors and helps bring them up. If you buy a new boat from the factory we’ll even sail with you in your first regatta. Just ask Joe.

My pictures below will tell the story. Granted, I’m currently in Northern Michigan delivering a boat. However, we do have a regatta up here on Lake Michigan, in Ephraim, WI in August. So you too can have this experience. Perhaps you would like to start by coming to see us at the Annapolis Boat Show next week, October 14-18, 2021?

Annapolis Show Boat

She’s going to be even prettier on display in the sun, at the show, and on the water.

Flying Scot Adventure

Flying Scot TravelLobster Diving Off Sailboat


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