Sailing in Different Places

It’s been a busy spring, and it continues to be busy for a number of reasons. Still, I have a picture and a short story to tell, so I’m going to hammer a blog post through.

I enjoy all of our deliveries. One of our many blessings is the customers that we get to serve. I could and should write a blog post about every delivery, but not always do I capture a picture as good as this one. The venue was neat too. It was full of history, and we even got to sail along side an underwater tunnel. The customer posed the question, if a ship sails over the tunnel, does it increase the stress on the tunnel? I had to think about it. The history was in the form of Fort Monroe, which is the army base that defends Norfolk still to this day, although not at its original capacity. Still the highlight of the day was the puff above 20 to bring us (crew of 3) to the conclusion of our four mile sail to the customers dock. All smiles, and only the marine got wet, which he was surprisingly un happy about. Please excuse my brevity, but it was a blast. Maybe you had to be there.


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