How-To Guide

Here we offer some advice and directions on various topics.

Need help with sailing and boat terminology? See the Glossary that we have put together. Also, please keep in mind that boats bought at the factory come with a free sailing demonstration. New boats come with a free demonstration whether they are bought at the factory or delivered from the factory. Used boats only come with a 2 hour rigging demonstration if picked up at the factory. 

How to rig a Flying Scot - A complete illustrated guide.

If you are interested in the fore-stay measurement tuning method, which only works on Flying Scot Inc manufactured boats and for tight or snug rig sails. Here are the steps, fore-stay measurement tuning method.

How to Sail a Flying Scot Fast... This Mad Sails Tuning Guide gives great insight into not only tuning the boat, but also sailing the boat fast. The tips here are important to know if you race the boat. We suggest practicing the sailing tips, before the mast tuning. A day spent sailing is always far more valuable than a day working on the boat. You can also check out the North Sails Tuning Guide. Finally, if you need a loos gauge for tuning or new sails, please feel free to call or order on our store.

Instructions: Most of our kits include instructions. If you have ordered a kit but did not receive adequate instruction, please call or email us for more information. If you are looking for our stand alone instructions, we are happy to email them if you contact us. However, buying the complete kit insures that you have the right length fasteners and the right parts. Using the wrong screw in the wrong place can be catastrophic if it breaks the barrier into the core. Not to mention you will be sure that everything is there when you buy the parts and kits from us. We are a one stop shop and you don't even have to leave home. Better yet, you don't even have to leave the sailing club. We appreciate your business. Thank you!

General Instructions: We do have some of our general instructions online below. However, many of our kit instructions only come with the kits, but are available by calling the factory.