FS Service

The fall and winter months are the best time of year to get service work done on your boat. Please call to schedule. The earlier you tell us you are coming the earlier we will get you on the repair schedule. Please understand this schedule may be backed up depending on the time of year. Rough estimates of repair costs are as follows:

    • Hourly labor rate is $95/hour
    • Winter Storage including haul out and launch: $590
    • Deep Creek Lake Summer Mooring: $490
    • Deep Creek Lake Launch or Haul Out: $75/hour
    • Wash & Wax $90
    • Flat labor rate to turn boat over and back: $75

The following prices are estimated, but final price will depend on parts and labor.

    • Paint Bottom: $750
    • Repaint Waterline Stripe: $250
    • Shim Centerboard $150
    • Balsa Core Repair: $85/square foot
    • Replace Gunwale Molding:$300

It is impossible to list every possible service here, but we hope that this gives you an idea of what to expect. If you have a big service that needs done, it might be a good time to consider a trade in on a new boat. Keep in mind that new boats come with new sails and trailers, which might be nice if you have old, worn and out dated equipment.