How to Improve Your Sailing

Whether you’re racing or daysailing, sailing is a sport in the sense that it’s a skill in which you’re only aiming to improve. That’s part of the fun that’s often overlooked. When I first got into sailing, I did not know about racing, but I wanted to improve my boating skills. Sailing was clearly a sport that would do that.

As I prepare to start a campaign of clinics; Clinton Lake on Friday, Orchard Lake on Saturday and Sunday, Pymatuning June 11, and Fishing Bay August 13; I think back to the clinics that I’ve attended. I also think that we should re name these things. Call them like, “How to kick ass and take names demonstrations.” Regardless, in my reflection, I’ve realized that you can learn more on your own in some cases than in a clinic. Before I ever attended a clinic, I would just go sail, with the intent of getting better, and I would sail seriously. The best way, is to pretend you’re racing. I sailed so many days by myself growing up. But, in my imagination, I was racing for the worlds. It was a 5 boat pin wheel and I was all but yelling my ass off. Needless to say, I have good mark roundings to this day.

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