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Wife Husband’s Nationals

Rockport Mass is a beautiful town and a beautiful place to host a regatta. Twenty-nine boats attended the wife husband regatta. Many couples ended up in the same B&Bs. Making for a great party. Additionally, the hosts served lobster and entertained us all. Let me back up even further. Driving into Rockport Mass, on the […]

Dee’s Retirement Party

Friday, March 31st was a sad day for us and a happy day for Dee as we wished her well in retirement with an afternoon party.  As much as we would have loved to invite all of our customers to Dee’s retirement party, we would have had people flying in from all over, and we […]


The Flying Scot is a versatile boat. Because, it can be motored, sailed or raced, and it comes with free lessons. #wednesdaywisdom #takeaday — FlyingScot (@FlyingScotInc) August 31, 2016

New Website First Post

I am going to make this short, but perhaps entertaining. We have some very smart individuals here at Flying Scot, namely Carrie, she’s the best writer that I know. I however, am just building this website and want to test the blog function and see how posts will look naturally. However, please take away that […]