Come See Us

You are always welcome to come see us at the Facotry, in the beautiful town of Oakland, MD.

Come see a lasting American Factory in action. Some like to order a boat and then schedule a weekend trip to come see the factory and pick up their boat. This makes for a fantastic experience. Others come see the factory before ordering their boat. Either way, there is plenty to see. The current building is where we have been building these boats the same way since 1972. We have actually been building these boats the same way since 1957 in three different locations. Anyway, the factory offers much to see. The master craftsman at work 6 Am -2:30 PM using the tools, molds, spray room, layup room, boat parts, etc. that make up our facility . If you are not picking up your new boat, you might get lucky and see some new boats on display - one of which might even follow you home.

There is also the town and lake to see. The beautiful town of Oakland offers many great restaurants and 3 historic museums. Furthermore, there is the Garrett Inn, which is a nice little motel. Always highly regarded. Finally, there is the Wisp resort, which offers seasonal golf, skiing, zip lining, lake views and more. Oh, and the Lake! Deep Creek Lake is a sight to see. It has 65 miles of shore line, nestled down in the beautiful mountains of Western Maryland. The lake is a view in and of itself, but the best view is from the water. While we do not offer lake tours or lessons, we do offer a demonstration with every new boat. For those picking up their new boat in the warm months, we are happy to splash and sail as part of the whole experience. You will never want it to end, and with a Flying Scot from the factory, it does not have to. 

Come see us on the road. Here's where we will be.

Chicago Boat Show

McCormick Place

January 11-15, 2017

2301 S. Lake Shore Drive

Chicago, 60616

Come see us and the frozen lake at the Chicago Boat Show. This show is Big, and it makes for a great family experience. We will have our whole family there. We look forward to seeing you there. We will be representing the Flying Scot Sailing Association, one of the strongest one design associations in the world. It is a great class, and the boat we will have on display should have all of the options. The boat we use in the show may be available at some savings. Please call today if you are interested in driving away from the show with your custom boat in tow. 

Miami International Boat Show

Bay Side Marina

February 16 - 20, 2017

401 Biscayne Blvd N215

Miami, FL 33132


Come see us in tropical Miami. The boat we are planning to use may be available at some savings. Call today to make sure that you are the one who gets to role away with the show boat. 

FS Mid-Winters

Southern Yacht Club

March 12- 16, 2017

105 North Roadway

New Orleans, LA 20124


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