Meet The Builder

Meet Owners Harry & Karen Carpenter, and Succession Owners Tyler & Carrie Andrews

Harry Carpenter - 
President of Flying Scot Inc.  He leads the team that is dedicated to building the best daysailer in the world.


Harry Carpenter grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. His parents bought a summer home at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland in 1967 and he soon came to know the sport of sailing. He started racing the Flying Scot as crew to his older brother, Jack, in the early seventies winning the Labor Day Regatta in their first year. Harry loved the sport of sailing and got out on the water whenever he had the chance.

In the mid seventies, Eric Ammann, who owned Gordon Douglass Boat Co., Inc. with his wife Mary, asked Harry to become an instructor in the company's new sailing school on the lake. Harry jumped at the opportunity to get paid for doing something he loved while attending school. Harry graduated from Grove City College in western Pennsylvania in June of 1978 and started to work full time at Gordon Douglass Boat Company with Eric and Mary.

Harry continued to do what he loved most in this world - sail. He began to travel to many of the local events and in the fall of 1979 he met Karen while sailing in a regatta at Smith Mountain Lake near Roanoke, Virginia. Harry and Karen started dating and their time together soon grew to be one of the few things Harry loved more than sailing. They were married in April of 1981 and continued sailing together at many of the local and national Flying Scot regattas.

In January of 1982 Harry and Karen were blessed with their first child, Carrie. She was nine weeks old when she attended her first Midwinters in Panama City, Florida. In December of 1983, they were blessed with their second child, Jimmy. The kids traveled with their parents to many of the regattas over the years as the family grew as a sailing family. Harry & Karen managed to win some of the events including the North American Championship in 1988, but what they cherish most are the life long friendships they developed with Flying Scot sailors all over the country.

Harry and Karen liked the Flying Scot so well that in 1991 they bought the company. Harry is still in love with his family and the sport of sailing. He is blessed to be able to work and sail with Karen, Carrie and Jimmy and share with them his life long passion. Carrie and Jimmy are quite often his crew now.  Harry won his second North American Championship in 2000 with Jimmy crewing.  Carrie and Meredith Dodd crewed for Joni Palmer to win the 2003 US Sailing Women's Championship for the Adams Cup.

Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter grew up in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She graduated from the Abington Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1970. She worked as an operating room nurse at Abington Memorial, Hanover Memorial, and Chambersburg hospitals.

Karen's introduction to sailing came while working at Chambersburg. Jerry Angulo, an anesthesiologist on the staff, owned a Flying Scot. He invited Karen to join him and his family one afternoon to try the sport of sailing on Lake Marburg. She liked it well enough to accept the position of third crew on Jerry and his wife Mitzi's Scot for racing.

After sailing together enough to feel comfortable at Lake Marburg, they decided to broaden their horizons to include the annual regatta at Deep Creek Lake - home of the Flying Scot. Seeing 30 boats on the starting line was quite intimidating!

The next step after Deep Creek was to travel to a beautiful lake near Roanoke - Smith Mountain Lake. There Karen met Harry and, as they say, the rest is history.

Tyler & Carrie Andrews

Road Trip

If you look closely you can see Alfie in the back ground.

After Carrie won the Adams cup in 2003, she continued to sail and crew for her Dad. She spent some time working for the factory, with the dream of running it one day. However, it would take a simple twist of fate for her to meet her husband Tyler. After getting her Masters, Carrie took a job with Alerding CPA group in Indianapolis. Fortunately, Geoff Endris was at the time starting a Flying Scot fleet at Eagle Creek Sailing Club where Tyler sailed. During the Eagle Creek Flying Scot Regatta, Tyler was smart enough to be sure to meet the girl that he had been eyeing all day. Of course, Carrie was sailing with her Dad, so he got to meet the parents on the same night. They too say the rest is history.

The Flying Scot Family

Tyler and Carrie with the newest addition to the family, William.

 A little bit more about Tyler and Carrie. Tyler graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelors in meteorology and a minor in business. Carries Undergraduate degree is from James Madison in Accounting and her Masters is from Lakeland College in Madison, WI. Both Tyler and Carrie are thankful for their many experiences that they can draw from. They are steady in their faith above all else. They are also starting a new family and enjoying that adventure. Finally, as far as Flying Scot goes, continuing to run a quality company is their goal for the company, and it's looking good so far.



Dee Burns

Flying Scot Office Manager
Dee was born and raised on the outskirts of Deer Park, MD, home of the Flying Scot. She graduated from Southern High School and moved to Washington, DC where she worked for the Federal government. She got married and started a family. She and her husband then moved back to her hometown to raise their children. She worked in banking and insurance for approximately 25 years before coming to work at Flying Scot, Inc.

Dee knew nothing about sailing when she started with the company but since then has been involved in about every aspect of the business as well as receiving sailing lessons from the famous Eric Ammann and Harry Carpenter. She has represented Flying Scot, Inc. at boat shows in Annapolis, Atlantic City, St. Petersburg, and Miami. This has enabled her to meet many of the Flying Scot owners across the country. She and her family currently reside near the factory in Deer Park.

The Guys in the Factory

The 4 guys out in the factory have over 100 years of cumulative experience building boats. They all started their careers at Flying Scot and have stayed through the years.  The quality of their work is excellent and consistent.

Jason Johnson (Moose)

Jason has worked at the factory since 2006 and he is the newest guy on thNewest Boat Buildere factory floor. That being said, more than a decade is not very new, and Jason is an expert boat builder. He lays up the rudders, centerboard trunks and hulls. Among other things, he also works in the repair shop. Outside of work he is a gun connoisseur, father to his daughter Sylvia and involved in the Christian mission field. Tyler and Carrie have actually gone on mission trips to Nicaragua with Jason. He goes every year to help implement infrastructure for the town of Kisalaya. Seeds and Love Together is the name of the organization and they have done great things to help the town with starvation and clean drinking water. Check them out here, SALT.

Richard Helmick.

Richard HelmickRichard has been a member of our team since 1989. FS Layup Team He and Moose work together quite a bit, as they are involved in all of the layers of fiberglass that go into the boat. Ricky also builds the centerboards and lifts all of that 80 pounds of lead into every one. He then presses them together with a ton of pressure, when he puts them into a hydraulic press. Furthermore, Richard heads up a great deal of repairs, and he has thus become a very skilled artist. Fiberglass and gel coat are his medium. Aside from that, he enjoys competitive archery and deer hunting on the weekends.

James Otto

Boat ManufacturingJim started with Flying Scot in 1987. He fills all of Assembling Sailboat Maststhose replacement part orders that our customers place, which can be a full time job in the spring and summer! On top of that Jim is responsible for putting all of the masts and booms together, along with the assembly of several other parts. Furthermore, he puts the mahogany stanchions in the boats and helps with the balsa layers. It is amazing to watch these guys lay balsa blocks. All of the years of experience are fully evident. Jim is a family man who lives nearby with his lovely wife. They have two grown sons who also live in the area.

Don Sharpless

New BoatDon is the foreman of the factory. He has been building boats witBoat Buildersh us since 1981. He assembles the boats, shims the boards, and helps with the balsa layer. Don is multifaceted, because of course with all those years of experience he can fix anything on these boats. Most importantly though, Don sprays the gel coat. His talent and care of the molds make him responsible for that beautiful new boat finish. You just tell him what color to make them. For fun, Don and his wife enjoy trips with their camper.