North Full Radial Spinnaker


The BR-1 is designed so all the panels of the sail are fully aligned with the load paths throughout the spinnaker. It is flatter in the head than other spinnaker designs, helping to maximize projected area, and is very fast both downwind and on a reach. Constructed using AirX spinnaker cloth that is near class minimum weight, the cloth and design have proven to be the perfect match for maximum durability and performance. The BR-1 is available in two standard panel layouts, the standard three stripe layout and “star” so you can choose the colors and design that best match your boat.

The sail includes the numbers (please indicate your choice of blue, black, red, or green) and the price includes the Flying Scot Sailing Association royalty.


Sail Numbers

What is your sail number?

Spinnaker Layout * 

See Pictures for Examples of each.

Color Layout * 

Please select the three colors you would like in your sail, and then comment below which colors you want where. Note that the middle color on the standard layout will have the sail numbers in it. Please choose sail numbers accordingly in the last step.

Color Layout

If you chose the standard layout then please tell us what color you want on top, middle and bottom. If you chose the star layout, please comment what color you want inside, in between and on the outside.

Sail Number Color * 

What color do you want your sail numbers to be. Remember they go in the middle color for the standard layout, so make sure that they will stand out against that middle color.

Would you like to add brummels

Additional information

Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in


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