FS Racer

A new boat from Flying Scot Inc. is guaranteed to be on weight, and very well built. "Our aim, as always, is to build the best." That was Sandy's Motto back in the beginning and it still is today. In some cases, the fastest part about owning a new boat, is knowing that your boat is fast and that you don't have to worry about it. New Racing boats also come with the spinnaker sail and rig, so whether you're ready to race, you may one day want to race, or you just want to fly the spinnaker down wind, you're boat is ready!

A new Flying Scot Racing Sailboat comes in your choice of standard hull, and trim colors.

It includes a anodized aluminum mast and stainless steel rigging. Mad Sails built in Madison, WI and Load Rite Trailer built in Fairless Hills, PA.

The running rigging includes: a Harken mainsheet system with a Ronstan Swivel Base and cleat, Jib sheet led to seat with auto ratchet, hike-out-line on centerboard cap, 6 to 1 internal wire outhaul, Ronstan X-10 universal tiller extension (40" fixed Length), Spar-Fly masthead wind indicator and triple console cleating on the centerboard cap for the 12 to 1 cascade boom vang, 6 to 1 cunningham, and 2 to 1 pole lift.

Every boat includes 5 year limited warranty.

Please feel free to submit your order here on our website. new flying scotPayment for new boats is not taken over the website. If you have items in your cart with a new boat, they too cannot be paid for from the online store checkout. Once the order is received online we will contact you to discuss and verify layout options and delivery. Furthermore, we will accept a 1/3 down payment at that time, and the remaining balance will be due once the boat is built. Please also feel free to call and place custom orders directly.