The Most Bang For Your buck

Again, I’m not one for giving unsolicited advice, but you don’t have to read this. I’m just trying to add value to our website.

If you asked me what one thing can be done to best improve my results sailing I would tell you stretching. Stretching before sailing not only prevents injuries, but it gets blood and oxygen flowing. If you’re racing I might take it a step further and tell you to go for a walk, or jog, without exhausting yourself, and then stretch. The more blood and oxygen you can get to your brain, the better decisions you’ll make, and I can guarantee a boost in performance. I’m still talking about sailing. It also releases a boost in dopamine and betters your physiology. Not a bad way to live. A good physiology is also the key to consistent performance. The key to good physiology is keeping your heart rate low, which is also helped by stretching. Have I made my point? I hope it helps.

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