Trying to Blog

Our good friend Deb Aronson is inspiring us to write more blog posts. Please find her blog at, it will always be better than ours, as she writes more posts and she is an attributed author. Mean while I keep meaning to ask her how to properly use a semi colon. Do they actually serve a purpose? In all seriousness Blogging can be a great tool for communicating what is going on in your world. Since our world is Flying Scots, and it's a big Flying Scot Nation, or half of a nation if you look at it territorially. Some people might be interested in what's going on at the factory. Maybe I should wait for mid-winters as it will be more exciting. Today we put the next layer of glass in a new boat and worked on some repairs. If you ordered parts before 1:00, then they've been sent via UPS. We're happy to mail or Fed-Ex items upon special request. Speaking of the ins and outs of Flying Scot Inc. We're working on a video that will be a factory tour via drone. Keep an eye on out website here for it's release. It will be much more exciting and it features Smetana. We hope to see you at mid-winters. It should be some better substance for another blog post. Keep an eye on Deb's blog,, she will be writing about the event as well. Also, check out her latest book Alexandra the Great. If you have kids or grand kids, this makes for a great present. It's a true story of redemption!
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